Edith wears many hats however Fashion and Design has always been her passion. Her purpose is to become a designer of beautiful gowns.  In 2013, Edith began on a journey that has seen her create many collections for various occasions.   Her first creation - a wedding dress - is a fabulous gown tastefully made. It became the standard and the model for all the variety of gowns at Byasima Couture.

Byasima Couture collection comprises of custom made attire to fit. Special occasion attire is made with a touch of appliqué embroidery design and patterns to the satisfaction of any bride.

Our special occasion attire includes wedding dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses and many more.

 Wedding Dresses

The wedding gowns range from classic to the latest trends in the fashion world.  All dresses are custom made to suite the brides wishes. The gowns can be simple and elegant or have detailed beading and embroidery handcrafted or machine made to meet the Brides desires.

 Special occasions Attire

Elegant, classy and chic apparel for today’s woman with a touch of color or appliqué.
Long flowing gowns and Tea length dresses for the young adults or the young  at heart.      

Lingerie with summer dresses

Combination of swim suits with flowing light summer dresses - chic and adds to your relaxed look when at the beach or lounging by the pool.





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