Re-Up Fashion Show invite-put on by Fashion Denver got me so creative!!Making a fish net dress and attaching 100 shells that came from Mexico , Uganda and USA. Another dress, made of gift wrapping paper and ribbon. November 2015

Edith Muyinda

​Hair by Victoria Kyakuwa

On the right, The UG Denver The Nest dancing group, performing at a traditional engagement party from western tribe of Uganda. Honored to have dressed and designed the outfits.

Summer 2016

Some try out fittings

Some of the Designs I made forThe African Fashion Show Denver 2016


 2016 started with various projects. I have been able to complete a major project- sewing my 1st  half gomesi dress. YAY!!!! Gomesi is a traditional dress worn in my home country-Uganda. It's especially worn on special occasions. For instance, engagement parties. In addition, I made a lesser bulky traditional petticoat known as a kikoyi.The kikoyi is an A shaped skirt. Both half gomesi and kikoyi make your special occasion feel beautiful and comfy, in other words, less clothing.

I was born very cultural family, especially  my mother's side. Being a grand daughter of the late Reverend Canon Polycarp Kakooza -

Composer of Ekitibwa kya Buganda makes me proud to have made the gomesi.

                           April 2016

before the fashion show 


​​Edith Muyinda is a native of Uganda-Africa living in Denver,Colorado . Edith has a finance degree; is a certified wedding planner,  event coordinator and a fashion designer.

Founder ofThe African Fashion Show Denver. Edith's designs have been showcased at Fashion Denver and the Denver Art Museum.

​For a couple of years, I have been designing outfits from various fabrics.Expect -2016+ to see more of stunning gowns of course made of African fabric !!!