​​Event Coordinating a Career Fair June 2016. 

10 vendors and 98 job seekers

Testimonials!!!! As a event planner,  I am proud to have completed my  major event coordination apart from fashion shows. I was an event coordinator for a Denver career fair. They were 10 vendors and 98 job seekers.

  • Extensive experience doing fittings for brides to-be. I can help with dressing your gown on the wedding day.  In addition, at the reception I can help with bustling your train in place. I know how complicated bustling is. And in case of an emergency on your wedding, like bustle ribbons, buttons or rings falling off, I am able to fix it. Holes in the dress, missing beads. All will be covered for a flat fee of $199.

  • Sewing a custom wedding gowns starts  $ 130+

  • Formal evening dresses or gowns starts $45+

  • Summer chic dresses starts $29+

  • Bark Cloth dresses- Bark cloth shipped from Africa starts $80+

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